class RawFileWriter(config={}, **kwds)[source]

Bases: Component

Write “raw” Y, YUV, or RGB files.

RawFileWriter has been superseded by VideoFileWriter2.

The input_Y_RGB input accepts images with 1 or 3 components as Y or RGB. The input_UV input accepts UV images with 2 components. The fourcc config specifies how the data is arranged in the file. See the fourcc website for more detail.

Note that no RGB<->YUV conversion or resampling is done in this component. Use the RGBtoYUV and Resize components to do that.




Path name of file to be written.



Pixel format. Possible values: 'Y8', 'Y16', 'RGB[24]', 'UYVY'.

inputs = ['input_Y_RGB', 'input_UV']

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